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Life Coaching With Frances

Love Is An Action

As children we are often taught the Golden Rule, “in everything treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” In order to apply this wisdom in our daily lives, we must first know how to treat ourselves. Life coaching with Frances begins with this principle, love is an action and it begins within each of us first.

Wellness Wheel Assessment

The eight dimensions of wellness that interconnect in everyone’s life are:

1. Emotional
2. Environmental
3. Financial
4. Intellectual
5. Occupational
6. Physical
7. Social
8. Spiritual

You are given a Wellness Wheel Assessment when you purchase a life coaching session with Frances.
This assessment not only provides clarity in which area of your life to focus on, but it also gives you the ability to achieve your highest potential.

Coaching Session Report

After each session, Frances will email you a report containing topics discussed, action items, and words of wisdom.

Journey to Love Workbook

This is a tool for you to grow deeper in experiencing self-acceptance and loving yourself.
There are quotes sprinkled throughout the book, some free resources, and even a cool mandala to color. More importantly, your words – the ones you need to hear – will be written in this workbook.
***The only way to have access to this workbook is if you purchase a minimum of 3 sessions with Frances. See package details below.***

Coaching Packages

Pay as You Go: $75 per session

• Wellness Wheel Assessment
• Coaching Session Report (emailed to you after each session)

3 Sessions Offer: $195

• That’s 3 sessions priced at $65 each
• Wellness Wheel Assessment
• Journey to Love Workbook
• Coaching Session Report (emailed to you after each session)

3-month Coaching Package: $360

  • That’s 6 sessions priced at $60 each! +1 additional FREE session that I like to call “Planning for the Future” in which we will discuss how to keep the momentum going of your personal success.
  • Journey to Love Workbook
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Wellness Wheel Assessment
  • Coaching Session Reports (emailed to you after each session)
  • ***This special pricing is limited to the first 10 people***

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