Colon Cleanse

According to Dr.Group, the founder of Global Healing Center, your entire body can become sluggish and have difficulty performing its daily tasks due to toxic buildup that is taking its toll on the colon. “Toxins” is referring to anything that harms the body. This...

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Men Take Charge & Women Do What They’re Told

          Several bible-believing Christians often quote me this verse from the bible: “A woman will leave her family and join onto her husband’s family.” There are several problems with this. First, and most importantly, that is NOT how the verse even goes. The...

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He Washed My Feet

          In a little over 6 months I will be getting married!! Part of me still can’t believe it, but as I pick out bridesmaid dresses, look over engagement photos, and decide on table decorations, it all starts to remind me that this is really happening... Jimmy and...

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