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My First Colon Cleanse and A Review of Global Healing Center

According to Dr.Group, the founder of Global Healing Center, your entire body can become sluggish and have difficulty performing its daily tasks due to toxic buildup that is taking its toll on the colon. “Toxins” is referring to anything that harms the body. This includes but is not limited to; additives in our food, pesticides on our crops, air pollution, mold, and even cleaning chemicals.

          Keep reading to learn about my first ever colon cleanse experience and why I decided to use Global Healing Center supplements. There is a short summary below for those of you who don’t need the details. However, if you’d like to know the ups and downs I experienced, any symptoms I had, what I ate, etc…I’ve laid out my in-depth experience as well.

Quick disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist so please be mindful as you read about my experience because a colon and/or liver cleanse is NOT suitable for everyone. It is best that you speak to your health professional prior to cleansing. In addition, some of the links below are affiliate links which means that if you decide to purchase I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please know that I have purchased this product with my own money and was so impressed with the results that I wanted to share it with others. If you do not feel that the products will be beneficial or helpful to you, please do not spend any money on them.

Short Summary (for those that don’t wanna read the details) 😉

How long did the colon cleanse last? 6 days

Did you have to take time off work? Nope, I went to work as regularly scheduled and the cleanse did not interfere with any of it.

Were you having to rush to the bathroom throughout the cleanse? Thankfully, no!

Did you experience any pain during the cleanse? No, the bowel movement were easy to pass.

What were some of the symptoms you experienced? Some days I felt super sluggish and drained but I would sleep really well and then had amazing energy the following morning.

What products did you use? Global Healing Center’s Colon Cleanse Kit

Are the products necessary? Yes. I can’t imagine being as successful with the colon cleanse without the supplements. They provided my body with the support to soften and expel excess material.

How did you feel after the cleanse? I felt so amazing, light, and fresh. I didn’t realize I was chronically bloated until after the cleanse when I learned what it felt like to not be bloated. #amazing

Would you recommend the cleanse and/or do it again? Yep, I plan on doing it again in about 6 months or so (with my husband who is only my fiancé at the moment #getreadybabe).

If you’d like more in-depth information, benefits of colon cleansing and tips then keep reading!

Deep Cleaning Your Home 

          Imagine your home or living space for a moment. You do a pretty good job of deciding what to bring inside, what you’re going to keep, and what you’re going to throw out. You regularly take out the trash, sweep, wash the dishes, and clean up your messes. Your colon does the same thing for your body. Generally speaking it does a wonderful job at utilizing the food you eat to absorb its nutrients and then prepares the remaining material to be eliminated.

          Over time your house can become a bit cluttered with clothes, magazines, shoes, old mail, and old food in the fridge. So every six months or perhaps every season, you decide to perform a deep clean. Going through a colon cleanse is like giving your body a deep clean from the potentially harmful matter that has built up over the years.

Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

          About 70% of your immune system is in your gut and colon cleansing can give your immune system a boost. Below are five more reasons to perform a colon cleanse. You can read the full article here:

A colon cleanse can:

  1. Improve your digestion.
  2. Prevent constipation.
  3. Boost your energy and ability to focus.
  4. Jumpstart weight loss. *While a colon cleanse is not to be done for the sole purpose of losing weight, it can give you and your body a jumpstart to leading a healthier lifestyle.*
  5. Rejuvenate your skin.

The Products I Used

          I am naturally hesitant about supplements, medications, and even over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol or Advil. Not quite sure why I am this way because I grew up in a household that regularly uses those items. However, due to my hesitation, I tend to deeply research the products I consume and spend my money on.

The Colon Cleanse Kit from Global Healing Center includes leading colon cleanser, Oxy-Powder®, as well as Latero-Flora™ probiotics to support gut health.


For this colon cleanse I used GHC’s Colon Cleanse Kit which includes the Oxy-Powder colon cleanser, the Latero-Flora probiotic capsules, and Dr.Group’s book The Green Body Cleanse. Not only does the kit have great reviews, but it’s also affordable.

A few more reasons why I chose to use the Colon Cleanse Kit

●  The supplements are safe, gluten-free, gentle, vegan, GMO-free, non-toxic, and effective! You can read about Oxy-Powder here and Latero-Flora here
● It’s backed by research.
● The full colon cleanse only takes 6 days of commitment, not even a full week!
● There are detailed and easy to follow instructions.
● You have two recommended dietary plans to choose from during the cleanse (I’ll get into more of that a little later).

          There was another recommended add-on supplement, the Aloe Vera Fusion, but I chose to do without. So this is my review with the bare minimum of supplements.

Foods I Ate

          The Global Healing Center provides you with detailed instructions on how to complete the colon cleanse and you can view those here. The two dietary options are:

  1. Fruit Only Diet
    • Just as the diet sounds, you only consume fruit during the cleanse.
    • There is a special emphasis on eating cleansing fruits, such as; avocados, strawberries, watermelon, and blackberries.
    • The Fruit Only Diet sounded a bit too intense for my first colon cleanse so I opted for the second dietary recommendation.
  2. Eating a Healthy Diet
    • I prefer to ease my way into things and decided that the Healthy Diet would be easier for me to handle mentally and physically.
    • In addition to eating salads, raw nuts, and seeds, I also enjoyed a variety of fruits, some fish, chicken, and eggs.
    • I avoided processed foods (anything that comes out of a box or bag), gluten, and sugar.
    • The colon cleanse provides you with lots of fluids so I was busy trying to keep up with their recommended intake of the Colon Cleansing Cocktail.

Colon Cleansing

          I took meticulous notes of my daily experience on the colon cleanse. Not only did I write down how I felt emotionally and physically, but I also noted how many bowel movements I had, what I ate, my energy levels, and even how I slept. If you are squeamish about bowel movements then skip over that section. 💩.

Energy Levels. By the end of days 1, 3, and 5 of the cleanse, I was exhausted. I hadn’t been that tired in a very long time. I was sleepy and my body felt heavy and sluggish. On one of the days I even took a nap in the middle of the afternoon. This is rare for me but I was able to fall asleep that night without any problems.

          The body goes into recovery mode when you’re sleeping. I noticed that after having an exhausting day, I would wake up the following morning with much more energy.

Physical Symptoms. The first day I experienced minor low back discomfort and on another day I heard loud gurgling noises coming from my belly 😆. Both of those symptoms are signals of digestion activity. To ease my aches, I did a few supine yoga twists.

          On day five I experienced stomach cramping. This was most likely due to dehydration since I wasn’t drinking as much of the Colon Cleansing Cocktail. The discomfort did not last more than 15 mins. By the end of the week I noticed that my stomach area was no longer inflamed or bloated. It’s pretty crazy to think that I didn’t know I was living in a state of chronic inflammation/bloating until it was gone.

          In terms of hunger, I honestly did fine following the plan until the last day or so when I added in some weight training. My muscles/body was asking for more nutrition so I simply ate more of what was on the plan.

Mood. During the beginning of the cleanse I had moments of feeling a little sensitive and emotional. I had a strong sense of “unworthiness” for a couple of hours but I was able to pray, remind myself of my identity, and it did not come back after the first or second day.

Sleep. Once or twice during the cleanse I experienced insomnia, which is rare for me. I woke up couldn’t sleep for about an hour. Other nights I slept like a baby.

Supplement Modification. During the cleanse one should have 2-5 bowel movements every day. I was often able to achieve this with only taking 4 Oxy-Powder pills the night before rather than 6. However, generally speaking I followed the protocol as-is.

Bowel Movements. My worst fear during this cleanse was having an embarrassing “gotta rush to the bathroom or I will have an accident” type of moment. Good news – that didn’t happen! Not once did I feel a sense of urgency to go to the bathroom and I was able to keep up with my regular work schedule.

          This first few bowel movements (BMs) I had were small and a very dark colored brown, but the supplements softened the stools so that the cleansing process did not hurt. The rest of the BMs were similar to diarrhea, a medium to dark brown color, but they weren’t as watery. They were like a thick sludge that would sink towards the bottom of the toilet. This might be gross but there were several floating particles of various shapes & sizes that I didn’t recognize (as in they did not look like undigested food). Who knows how long they’ve been there, I’m just happy to get rid of them 😷  By the end of the week the BMs were lighter in color and I kept thinking, “How much more of this can come out of me?!”


Energy. Do you remember that tired, very worn-out, sluggishness I was feeling? Well it pretty much lifted and disappeared the last day. Days and weeks after the cleanse I felt great! I slept well, woke up with energy, and just felt lighter. I also noticed that even while I introduced processed foods back into my diet (gluten free tortilla chips are my weakness 😩), my body has been able to handle it quite well 🙏🏽 .

Mood. The very first day of the cleanse I experienced unusual anxiety and feelings of worthlessness. It was a belief I had about myself for a very long time and during times of weakness it is easy for me to fall back in that trap. Thankfully, it did not last more than a day and I have been in a generally positive mood.

Weight. I would like to take the time to say that I did not perform this colon cleanse to lose weight. Mentally and emotionally I was in the place where I thought, “If weight comes off, great. If it doesn’t come off, then that is great too. I trust my body to let go of what it no longer needs and I have decided to be grateful for my health.”

          While the colon cleanse is NOT about losing weight, I simply share this as a measuring tool for my body. It is natural for a body fluctuate a few pounds throughout the day. My starting weight was 137lbs and by ending weight was 132lbs.The majority of the weight lost was definitely water weight. I was no longer bloated, I felt lighter and more energized. One month later I weigh in at 135 lbs which means that 2 lbs of weight have not come back after the cleanse. Perhaps that was 2lbs of waste I was holding onto, who knows, but if my body is not in need of it then I don’t want it back (lol)!

Digestion. Prior to the colon cleanse I had about one bowel movement a day, at least every other day. The supplements and diet definitely helped move things along and with proper nutrition things have been smooth sailing! So, yes my digestion absolutely improved.


• Drink lots of water! The plan states this, I’m just reiterating the importance of it. Because you are having more bowel movements than usual, it is very possible to become dehydrated. You also want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids to help clean the out the sludge coming out of your pipes/colon.
• Keep your body moving. Go for walks, practice yoga, or do some form of exercise that you love. This gets oxygen to the blood and helps with digestion.
• My two favorite yoga poses during the cleanse:
◦ Standing cat/cow flow
◦ Lying down supine twists
• Breathe: have movements of taking full deep breaths and slowly exhaling. Use the full capacity of your lungs and allow your body to relax. This is especially important if you’re feeling tired and worn-out. The body is going through a lot and you want to let go of as much tension as possible so that it can focus on healing.
• Because your body heals and recovers during sleep, try to get as much of it as you can.
• While I am not a doctor, I do believe there is such a thing as “too much cleansing” for the body. The colon was created to manage the waste in your body and it generally does a good job of it. Your body does not need these supplements 7-days a week, all year long.

Closing Thoughts

          It’s amazing reading about my experience months later. In the end I so appreciated the way I felt, my energy, and the results that I nearly forgot about how sluggish, worn-out, and emotional I had been during the cleanse. The supplements are gentle and effective. I remained very active during the GHC Colon Cleanse and it did not hinder my performance, daily activities, or work life so I would definitely do it all over again.

p.s. About a month and half later I performed a liver cleanse and let’s just say I was BLOWN AWAY…stay tuned…

The Colon Cleanse Kit from Global Healing Center includes leading colon cleanser, Oxy-Powder®, as well as Latero-Flora™ probiotics to support gut health.
Frances Estela

Frances Estela


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